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Check for firmware updates for you Samsung device, e.g. I9000 Galaxy S, P1000 Tab, GT-I5800, GT-S8500 and should also work for other models if you provide the correct information.
To check for firmware updates on your Samsung Android device, use CheckFus found in the market by scanning or clicking this QR-code or search for 'Check Fus'.
The download a firmware, use Check Fus Downloader, the only working Firmware Checker, Downloader and Decrypter for Samsung firmwares to your desktop PC.

Use this XDA-developers-thread or email dev.johnan[at] to get in touch with me. On XDA you can find instructions on how to locate your Product Code and HIDSWVER.


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2013-01-31 08:49:41
A long time have passed since the last message so it's time to give you all an update on what's going on.

Samsung have made changes to the authentication for their servers and that is the reasong why neither of my apps are working at the moment. With help from some friends over at XDA and from home I have managed to get passed the new authentication. Now I just have to implement it in the applications.

I started at a new job two weeks ago and that is the main reason why I havent had enough time to make the nessecary updates. The progress is ongoing but in a pretty slow pace unfortunately. But please have respect since this is all done on my spare time between work, study and family.

I'll let you know when things are up and running again.

Too much to do, too little time. I appologize for the slow updates on the Android app, but I have very limited of time at the moment. I'm about to start on my master thesis very soon and my daily job takes the rest of the time. Anyways, I realized that the download counter didnt work, so that is fixed now. :) If you are in need of old firmware files I recommend visiting my friends over at to get those. They have a large archive of files that no longer is available on Samsungs's server. Over and out! Oh, and if you have trouble using CheckFus Downloader, you can find an excellent video guide here

As many of you probably have noticed, @SamKiesUpdates have begun tweeting firmwares found using TestMode in Kies. I will add ability to download TestMode, enable TestMode in Kies and the next version will also have a sorted list.

But what is TestMode?
TestMode is a mode in Kies which enables you to install a not yet (but soon to be) released firmware and is only intended to be used by advanced users! Not for the regular user.
As promised, here is the new version: Check Fus Downloader 2.1.

v.2.1 - File version
* Added ability to download TestMode firmwares
* Let's you enable TestMode in Kies (Please report on XDA if it works)
* Sorted model list

Check Fus

Check Fus Pro 2.4.2

Automatic update checking

Check Fus Lite 2.4.1


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Latest Normal


Added: 2012-12-04 03:33:16

Model: GT-P7500

Product Code: TMC

Version: Android 4.0.4

Modified: 2012-09-07



CRC: 1655421431

Switzerland (Swisscom)

Added: 2012-12-04 03:06:04

Model: GT-N7000

Product Code: SWC

Version: Android 4.0.4

Modified: 2012-11-19



CRC: 711798240


Added: 2012-12-04 00:38:30

Model: SGH-I747

Product Code: ATT

Modified: 2012-11-16



CRC: 2047911441


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Model: GT-I9103

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Model: GT-I9220

Model: GT-I9300

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Model: GT-I9305

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Model: GT-N7000

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Model: GT-N7100

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Model: GT-P1010

Model: GT-P3100

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Model: GT-P3110

Model: GT-P3113

Model: GT-P5100

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Model: GT-P5113

Model: GT-P6200

Model: GT-P6200L

Model: GT-P6201

Model: GT-P6210

Model: GT-P6211

Model: GT-P6800

Model: GT-P6810

Model: GT-P7300

Model: GT-P7300B

Model: GT-P7310

Model: GT-P7320

Model: GT-P7320T

Model: GT-P7500

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Model: GT-P7501

Model: GT-P7510

Model: GT-P7511

Model: GT-S5300

Model: GT-S5302

Model: GT-S5360

Model: GT-S5360B

Model: GT-S5360L

Model: GT-S5360T

Model: GT-S5363

Model: GT-S5367

Model: GT-S5369

Model: GT-S5570

Model: GT-S5570B

Model: GT-S5570I

Model: GT-S5570L

Model: GT-S5578

Model: GT-S5660

Model: GT-S5660L

Model: GT-S5660M

Model: GT-S5660V

Model: GT-S5670

Model: GT-S5670L

Model: GT-S5690

Model: GT-S5690L

Model: GT-S5830

Model: GT-S5830B

Model: GT-S5830C

Model: GT-S5830i

Model: GT-S5830L

Model: GT-S5830M

Model: GT-S5830T

Model: GT-S5838

Model: GT-S5839i

Model: GT-S6012

Model: GT-S6102

Model: GT-S6102B

Model: GT-S6500

Model: GT-S6500D

Model: GT-S6802

Model: GT-S6802B

Model: GT-S7230E

Model: GT-S7500

Model: GT-S7500L

Model: GT-S7562

Model: GT-S7562L

Model: SC-01C

Model: SC-01D

Model: SC-02B

Model: SC-02C

Model: SC-02D

Model: SC-02E

Model: SC-03D

Model: SC-06D

Model: SCH-I535

Model: SCH-i559

Model: SCH-i569

Model: SCH-i589

Model: SCH-i809

Model: SCH-i909

Model: SCH-M720

Model: SCH-W899

Model: SGH-I317M

Model: SGH-I547C

Model: SGH-I717

Model: SGH-I717D

Model: SGH-I717R

Model: SGH-I727

Model: SGH-I727R

Model: SGH-I747

Model: SGH-I747M

Model: SGH-I757M

Model: SGH-I777

Model: SGH-I857

Model: SGH-I896

Model: SGH-I897

Model: SGH-I927

Model: SGH-I927R

Model: SGH-I957

Model: SGH-I957D

Model: SGH-I957M

Model: SGH-I957R

Model: SGH-I997

Model: SGH-I997R

Model: SGH-T499

Model: SGH-T499V

Model: SGH-T499Y

Model: SGH-T589

Model: SGH-T589R

Model: SGH-T679

Model: SGH-T679M

Model: SGH-T769

Model: SGH-T839

Model: SGH-T859

Model: SGH-T869

Model: SGH-T879

Model: SGH-T889V

Model: SGH-T959

Model: SGH-T959P

Model: SGH-T959V

Model: SGH-T989

Model: SGH-T989D

Model: SGH-T999V

Model: SHV-E250S

Model: SHW-M110S

Model: SPH-D710

Model: SPH-L710

Model: YP-G70

Bada OS

Model: GT-N7000

Model: GT-S5250

Model: GT-S5253

Model: GT-S5260

Model: GT-S5260P

Model: GT-S5330

Model: GT-S5333

Model: GT-S5380

Model: GT-S5380D

Model: GT-S5380K

Model: GT-S5750E

Model: GT-S5753E

Model: GT-S7230E

Model: GT-S7250

Model: GT-S7250D

Model: GT-S8500

Model: GT-S8500B

Model: GT-S8500L

Model: GT-S8530

Model: GT-S8600

Model: SHW-M210S

Model: SHW-M410K

Model: SPH-M7350

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